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Bible Translators Help Preserve New Guinea Language


Papua New Guinea (MNN) ― Bible translation efforts have succeeded in the preservation of another language.
The Biem people in Papua New Guinea have a complete spoken language, but they have no word for "read." The Biem have always been an oral society and have no written form of their language.
Consequently, for quite some time the elders of the island have been concerned about losing their language, reports New Tribes Mission. According to the Joshua Project, there are only 3,100 Biem speakers.
Thus, since 2009, Wayne and Gail Chen have worked along with others of their team to learn Biem culture and language, as well as to build relationships with the Biem people. They have become proficient Biem speakers and have been working with two other families to create a written Biem.
After years of hard work, they have finally reached success.
Recently, 23 students enrolled in the first Biem literacy class. This literacy work is essential to the Bible translation project which is now under way. Wayne has recently been working on chapters from Exodus, reports NTM. They anticipate that Firm Foundations Bible teaching will begin by summer.
NTM asks for prayer for this project. Pray for God's grace on the Biem translation team and on the upcoming Bible teaching. Pray that God will encourage the Chens in their important task. Mostly, pray for Biem hearts to be open and prepared to receive God's Word and respond to the Gospel.
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Source: http://mnnonline.org/article/16841

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